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c# group facebook

If u r really active in using facebook & u want to learn about c# &, try to join C# & ASP.NET Developers public group. Many things that related u can find in that group. source code example, guidance, jobs, developer experience & more...


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developer podcast!

i just discover that there are hundreds developer podcast out there...hahaha. i dont have any idea how it looks like but i hv visited 'Developer On Fire' website and i saw a word 'Inspiring software developers tell their stories'...hmmm this could b interesting. I will find out more about it then provide any interesting updates from this website.

write blog using blospot android

now, i can update my blog using my phone..dh lame rasenye x update blog aku nie,kpd sesiapa yg guna android download la blogspot android utk update blog korang, so u can update ur content anywhere...anytime u want...

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