Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Bodies Left Behind (Best SeLLer in PopuLar..)

The Bodies Left Behind
Jeffery Deaver

A spring night in a small town in Wisconsin. . . . A call to police emergency from a distant lake house is cut short. . . . A phone glitch or an aborted report of a crime? Off-duty deputy Brynn leaves her family's dinner table and drives up to deserted Lake Mondac to find out. She stumbles onto the scene of a heinous murder. . . . Before she can call for backup, though, she finds herself the next potential victim. Deprived of her phone, weapon and car, Brynn and an unlikely ally – a survivor of the carnage – can survive only by fleeing into the dense, deserted woods, on a desperate trek to safety and ultimately to the choice to fight back. The professional criminals, also strangers to this hostile setting, must forge a tense alliance too, in order to find and kill the two witnesses to the crime...

The Bodies Left Behind has been released in hardcover in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It will be released as a mass market paperback in the USA and Canada in August 2009, and in the UK and Ireland in October 2009.

The Bodies Left Behind won the "Best Thriller Of The Year" award from the International Thriller Writers Organization.

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