Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dapatkan Jam Berjenama Dgn Harga Murah!!!

Kalau kwn2 tgk jam kt atas ni kt butik chopard (ade kt klcc), harga jam nie around 40 ribu. Tapi sy jual jam nie harganya kurang dari rm600, jam yg sy jual tu mmg imitation 1st gred. Bukan jam nie je sy jual, ade jename lain lagi..bagi tau je jam ape yg u all nk....for Men & Women...cth mcm:

1. Seiko
2. Titus
3. Tag heuer
4. Swatch
5. Rolex
6. Tissot
7. Fossil
8. GC
9. Cherutti
10. Chanel
11. Omega
12. Toy Watch
13. Guess

Klu u all tgk jam imitation 1st gred nie, u all mesti terkejut, sebab u all akan sangkakan itu jam original, sbb jam yg sy jual nie exactly looks like original. Bkn stakat sama malah high quality. Bgtau je kt sy jam ape yg u all nak, u all nk byr ansuran pn boleh? no problem...nak tgk contoh pn bole...just call me Nas: 0176027693. Mmg sgt berbaloi baloi......(sape yg tau kite pakai original ke x kan!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Late Entry....

Nk share sket event kecik yg team aku celebrate pd 30 June 09...event nie utk menyambut belated birthday aku, Kak siti & en arif (my assistant manager - software development department)...yg turut hadir...kak rozie (ex- unit leader in software development...skg dh tukar department) & Cik fazilah (software dev manager....skg die jarang kt HQ sbb die dh jadik acting branch manager kt hospital serdang)....event ni gak kitorg celebrate majlis perpisahan dgn kak nurul yg akn di transfer ke site (Hospital Kepala Batas....dekat ngan hometown die)...biasa la org dh kawin...x bole jauh ngan hubby nye...hehehe...

Listen to my playlist: The academy is - Everything We had

The Bodies Left Behind (Best SeLLer in PopuLar..)

The Bodies Left Behind
Jeffery Deaver

A spring night in a small town in Wisconsin. . . . A call to police emergency from a distant lake house is cut short. . . . A phone glitch or an aborted report of a crime? Off-duty deputy Brynn leaves her family's dinner table and drives up to deserted Lake Mondac to find out. She stumbles onto the scene of a heinous murder. . . . Before she can call for backup, though, she finds herself the next potential victim. Deprived of her phone, weapon and car, Brynn and an unlikely ally – a survivor of the carnage – can survive only by fleeing into the dense, deserted woods, on a desperate trek to safety and ultimately to the choice to fight back. The professional criminals, also strangers to this hostile setting, must forge a tense alliance too, in order to find and kill the two witnesses to the crime...

The Bodies Left Behind has been released in hardcover in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It will be released as a mass market paperback in the USA and Canada in August 2009, and in the UK and Ireland in October 2009.

The Bodies Left Behind won the "Best Thriller Of The Year" award from the International Thriller Writers Organization.