Thursday, January 1, 2009

WeLCome to 2009...

Masa berlalu begitu pANTAS...
Dekatkan dirimu dengan-Nya Yang Maha Esa...

MovieS in 2009...


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and MoRe....


You can download any media file like
and more...
in any webpages
I Suggest
you to install MOzilla Firefox
and find download helper in mozilla firefox add ons
Install it and restart your mozilla browser
then, you will see icon in picture below...
That icon will show you any media file in webpage and allow you to download it.


10 Things Your Computer Tech Won't Tell You
Derek Meister, Geek Squad; Aaron Schildkraut,; anonymous posters on;

- Turn it off, turn it back on. Nine times out of ten, rebooting your computer will solve the problem.

- We're like Santa: We know if you've been bad or good. Fessing up to what really happened is going to save time – and I'm going to figure it out anyway.

- Use ''strong'' passwords. We suggest combining letters and numbers – but not your birth date – to create a ''base'' password, and adding a unique suffix for each site you use.

- Make sure you have current antivirus and anti-spyware protection.

- Remember: Public Wi-Fi is public. If you don't have a compelling reason to check your e-mail or bank account while sipping a latte at the mall, don't do it.

- Give it a rest. Turn off your computer when it's not in use. It'll save energy and clears out the RAM, which would otherwise slow your machine over time.

- If you want to see less of me, get a Mac.

- No, you can't use your mobile phone to pop popcorn. Check internet rumours at first before you pass it on.

- Sometimes we talk about you – in codes like ''HKI error'' (for human-keyboard interface) or ''PEBCAK'' (problem exists between chair and keyboard).

- If you don't understand me, I'm not doing my job. Confusing tech jargon is a sign of insecurity, not intelligence.

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