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c# group facebook

If u r really active in using facebook & u want to learn about c# &, try to join C# & ASP.NET Developers public group. Many things that related u can find in that group. source code example, guidance, jobs, developer experience & more...
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developer on fire

Developer on fire

To visit the website:
click this link

Developer On Fire is the podcast that shares the humanity of developers and tells stories of some of the amazing people in software.
The approach was to ask developers for interviews. This included some names you already know and some names you don’t know but should. 

In the website you can hear the episode of the interviews. Last I checked there are 343 episodes has been published.

Dave Rael is the host of Developer On Fire. 
He is, first and foremost, a father of 3 wonderful children. 
That is the role in which he takes the most joy and gets the most benefit. 
He is also a husband, podcaster, software developer and architect, and a philosopher.

Well as you know, developer are really good with machines but not with humans, hahaha...
so Dave changed his thinking & decided to get connected with humans thru this podcast.

From the website, you also can get book recommendation that suitable for us to read and you also can subscribe any podca…

developer podcast!

i just discover that there are hundreds developer podcast out there...hahaha. i dont have any idea how it looks like but i hv visited 'Developer On Fire' website and i saw a word 'Inspiring software developers tell their stories'...hmmm this could b interesting. I will find out more about it then provide any interesting updates from this website.

write blog using blospot android

now, i can update my blog using my phone..dh lame rasenye x update blog aku nie,kpd sesiapa yg guna android download la blogspot android utk update blog korang, so u can update ur content anywhere...anytime u want...

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